Over 20 Years of Photography Experience.

Mike Anschuetz is a native of Peoria, Illinois. He graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in marketing. Mike’s interest in photography began not long after he arrived at EIU when his grandfather passed away and left him a camera. The first roll of film he shot with that camera ignited his photography passion.

Mike discovered early on that he enjoyed the awareness and prospective photography provided him. His professional career began as a photojournalist with smaller newspapers located in Southern Illinois. He enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and capturing the rawness of real time events. His move from photojournalism to commercial photography was a natural progression. In 1997, Mike landed a corporate job shooting tabletop and location photography, which offered new challenges in the transition from natural light to artificial lighting.

With over 20 years photography experience, Mike has worked with large fortune 500 companies like Coca Cola, Budweiser, and Kraft. Five years ago, Mike accepted a position as lead photographer for various outdoor magazines. Since then, Mike’s work has been published in Guns and Ammo, Shooting Times, Petersen’s Hunting and various other outdoor publications. In the last five years, Mike has accumulated over 200 covers and 700 lead photos in various publications.

Mike enjoys working with agencies, businesses, and publishers.

“Whether I am shooting a product, showing a manufacturing process, or capturing the essence of a person, I have the chance to take an idea or fantasy and visually bring it to life. The gathering of information, the fact-finding and the needs of the client motivate me to become a part of their world and create the perfect image for a specific need.”

Coca Cola • Kraft • General Mills • Unilever • Coors • Budweiser • Miller • ConAgra • Pepsi • Bosch • Nike • Nestle • Proctor & Gamble • M&M Mars • Purina • Walmart • St Francis Hospital • Obrien Steel • Keystone • Caterpiller • Bradley University • Bard Optical • South Side Bank
Guns and Ammo • Shooting Times • Petersen’s Hunting • Handguns • Rifle Shooter • Shotgun News • Book of the AR15 • Book of 1911 • Trigger • Wildfowl • Gun Dog • Meat Poultry Magazine